Five Common Myths about Upholstery Cleaning Exposed

Posted on September 30, 2014 by Newtown Carpet Cleaning

We generally validate points we can’t prove. This is why many of us never pay attention to what upholstery cleaners do with our furniture. We simply rely upon their advice and leave the care of our expensive upholstery in their hands, blind folded. Let’s try and expose in the following, five most common myths associated with upholstery cleaning.

We need to be very careful with cleaning upholstery at home or even calling the experts to do it for us. Not knowing the correct way of cleaning could damage the upholstery, but more than that it is misinformation about cleaning practices that could shorten the life of furniture at home, or take away from them, the glow on their surface.

Here’s debunking five common myths tagged with upholstery cleaning:

Dry Cleaning Upholstery Is the Safest Way of Cleaning

Yes, dry cleaning solvents are not likely to damage delicate fabrics such as chenille, but they can definitely not stop them from bleeding color. You can adopt other ways of stabilizing dyes, water-based or otherwise, but again there is no guarantee, they are safe to use. Different fabrics are resistant to different chemical agents, and this is why you should test the solvents on a small piece of the same fabric to make sure, it is colorfast to that material.

Use the Hottest Possible Water For Cleaning Upholstery

It is true that hot water speeds the cleaning process and lessens the need for using buffered alkaline detergents that will cause the fabric colors to bleed. However, you’ve got to distinguish between ‘hot’ and ‘hottest’ water. In fact upholstery cleaning should be done with ‘warm water’ and none of the above. Bursts of heat can contract some synthetic fabrics and cause extreme color bleeding in others. Use mildly warm water and maintain a consistent temperature for accurate cleaning of upholstery.

Tags Have Correct Cleaning Information

All furnishings come with a cleaning code, but, never for a moment should you believe on them blindfold. These codes don’t guarantee anything and are mere guidelines. Some of these codes tell you about colorfast properties of fabrics and others about maintenance of the fabric. But, you can never be too sure about the cleaning products to be used based on this assessment alone. Again test agents on a sample of the same cloth before applying any cleaning solvents over the upholstery.

Fabric Identification Tests are Useless

It is true that blending of fabrics in today’s time is bringing down the credibility of fabric burn tests. Cleaners burn the fabric, but because of blending materials, they fail to identify the true fabric material, which in turn confuses them about the cleaning products to be used. Having said this, it still lets them identify whether the fabric is synthetic, natural or a blend of both. This recognition helps them in understanding the risks involved in cleaning and the techniques of cleaning they should adopt.

Synthetics are Maintenance-Free

While it is often true that synthetics especially nylon, polyester and acrylic are much easier to clean when compared with natural fabrics like cotton, this rule may not always hold true. For instance, consider synthetic velvets that can be damaged permanently by heat, or consider the many varieties of nylon, which may not always be colorfast. You will be surprised to know that many varieties of acrylic fabrics bleed with the use of dry cleaning agents. Only experienced upholstery cleaners will be able to tell you what cleaning technique will best suit your fabrics. Don’t ever fall for fake promises of fast cleaning without finding out about the reputation of a cleaner.

To Find To Best Carpet Steam Cleaner, Look Out For The Following

Posted on August 3, 2014 by Newtown Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning is one of the best ways to clean carpets at home. However, you must always invest in such a product that provides a good value for money. In fact, with the hoard of products available in the market, you must be sure that you lay your hands on nothing but the best.

Carpet is one of the most integral parts of your building or house. Be it modern, posh carpets or the funky ones or ones with oriental charm, carpets can really make your house a “cool” one! However, as always, all nice things come with a baggage of troubles. Ditto is the case here as well. Cleaning carpets is one of the most irksome tasks that one could ever ask for, and experts say that you have to resort to the professionals’ help time and again. But that being a much expensive affair, nowadays you’ll find numerous machines in the market to help you out with the chore.

In this article, we’ll share some of the tips which would help you secure the best carpet steam cleaner—the best and most secure way to clean carpets—from among hoards that are available in the market.

1. Choose the Right Type Of Carpet Steam Cleaners

For personal use, there are basically two types of carpet cleaners available in the market— upright carpet cleaners and portable carpet spot cleaner. While the former is used to clean the whole carpet, the latter generally spots specific stains and work only on those areas. Needless to say, the latter comes with a very limited uses. So, it is generally advised to go for the former for their wider and even coverage.

Look Out For These Few Features

When going out to buy carpet steam cleaners, make sure these few features are available in the product that you’re planning to lay your hands on—

  • An on-board heater (water) is present.
  • Not one but two water tanks are present—one for storage of clean water while the other for dirty (used) water.
  • A proper spray regulator is present—you surely don’t want to waste your carpet by accidental sprinkling more water (steam) than needed.
  • User friendly and light with at least two rotational floor brushes attached.

3. Additional Features

If you have more money to spare, do look out for additional features and tools which not only make your carpets squeaky clean but also make them look and feel more fresh and vibrant! But make sure that you steer clear from large and bulky machines and all the fanciful frills that come with them. However, if you still want to go a league ahead and purchase the latter, make sure you always have some other person to help you out with the same.

4. Research and Compare

Search for the reviews of the product that you want to purchase on the internet. This will provide you with an idea of the efficiency of the product which no salesman would want to tell you. Besides, you can also search up for similar products and compare their prices before actually going ahead to buy them. After all, you would want to invest your money in the right place, isn’t it?

5 Expert Tips for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Posted on July 19, 2014 by Newtown Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning by Professionals in Inner West Sydney

Commercial carpet cleaning is always a lengthy process. But if certain steps are followed, the carpets can be kept clean without making a lot of fuss or taking a lot of time.

The décor of any business set up—be it banks or offices or even superstores—must be prim, proper and perfect. Tasteful arts, carpet and other similar features must adorn the whole area. However, as always, things are easy to say than done. Have you thought of the immense labor that goes into cleaning those huge carpets? Sometimes you don’t even know where and how to start the job. Anyway, to help you out with this, we have come with some expert tips that you shall find very handy and helpful. Here you go—

How to Vacuum Clean It Properly

You must make it a point to vacuum the carpet at least twice to thrice a week. You can do so with the help of regular vacuums. However, in any business set up, since removal of chairs, cupboards and other equipments are uphill tasks, backpack vacuums can be of real help. They are much lighter and easier to use, and can effectively clean even the most congested areas properly. Always remember that vacuuming is an integral part of carpet cleaning since about 80% of the dirt attached to a carpet can be removed with this process.

Change the Set-up Once In A While

You must change the position of the desks and chairs (if not the cupboards and other heavy furniture) once in a while. This reduces pressure few particular areas of the carpet and helps it be last much longer. Besides, if you rotate your furniture, almost all parts of the carpet remain exposed, and hence there remains less tension of soiling only one particular part.

Provision of Manual Spotting Tools

Manual spotting tools are a great way to spot and hence, remove stains and other spots off the carpet. These tools are handy and save a lot of time as spotting of stains and other spots on a daily basis keeps the carpet clean. In other words, you don’t have to work on off days to clean the whole carpet. But make sure, this spotting is done on a daily basis by your cleanliness team.

Use Proper Chemicals

When using chemicals, be sure that the product you’re using is properly certified. Search for some reviews on the internet. Yes, an additional research is always asked for since for marketing purposes numerous “certified” products are available in the market but you have no option but to choose only the best for your carpet. Remember, that one lag on your part might simply destroy the carpet which could have lasted for ages. Fibre-safe products are what you should aim for.

Always Keep a Doormat

This ain’t any cleaning tip, yet it is an important part in keeping your carpet cleaner. Keeping a doormat always take away certain amount of dirt and dust from the shoes, thereby keeping your carpet much cleaner than it otherwise would have been.

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